Our Story


Back in the golden days of the 19th century, Manchester was a powerhouse of the industrial revolution...

A young Queen Victoria reigned over a vast sprawling empire that exported its goods around the globe. And in the year 1842, the city was agog with excitement at the opening of yet another great innovation... a grand new railway station on Store Street, in the very heart of the city. The effect was sudden and stunning. And the word on everyone's lips was 'exchange'. The exchange of goods coming in, and goods going out. The exchange of money and contracts. Trade with a frequency and speed that was unheard of.

All making Store Street synonymous not only with commercial exchange, but social exchange that totally transformed lives - with new ideas coming in from the four corners of the world. Now, in the 21st century, another but very different 'exchange' is coming down the tracks. One that will deliver its own dynamic impact on this great cosmopolitan city.





 The Store Street Exchange, featuring the Store Street Craft Bar. A bar and restaurant open day through to night. A place for seeing people. For exchanging ideas, exchanging news and views on what's happening in life. Exchanging the conventional for a radically different slant on chilling out.

A stunning foody theatre, dramatically lit, playing with textures from concrete to marble, experimenting and pushing back boundaries. Where the service is always friendly, but never casual. Where the food has to be tasted to be believed. food and drink that becomes a performance art, with chicken rotisserie being cooked on show. Tender steaks with a taste beyond words. Local produce, freshly picked, bursting with natural flavours.

Sip one and savour the sheer exhilaration. You're at Store Street Exchange and Store Street Craft Bar.