How Our Rotisserie Chicken is Helping Manchester's Homeless

At our Store Street eateries, we favour the classic method of cooking and roasting our meats. Dating back centuries the French mastered the art of Rotisserie cookery, rotating cuts of meat evenly over a fire. The ovens we use, whilst modern in design, deliver the same great taste and flavour. Rotating the meat during cooking allows the meat to self-baste ensuring it stays moist and succulent.

The quality of our meat is just as important. We source only the very best poultry and meats for our Rotisserie dishes such as the Goosnargh Chicken produced by Johnson & Swarbrick. A family operated business whose motto is “a happy bird is a tasty bird.” Their famous corn-fed Goosnargh chickens are praised by chefs across the country and the quality of their poultry is second to none.

For this menu, we have some additions to our range of Rotisserie style dishes. The Rotisserie Potatoes are slow-cooked under the spit, gently roasting to take on a unique meat flavour. For those unsure of which Rotisserie meat to choose we have the Rotisserie Meat Platter bringing together succulent cuts of Pork Belly, Goosnargh Chicken and Lamb. 

We are also proud to introduce our partnership with the Manchester Embassy Bus Project. We will be donating 50p for every Rotisserie meat dish we sell to support this great local charity. The Embassy Bus is a converted concert tour bus that provides a safe place to stay for 14 people at any one time. They support not only finding long term accommodation and employment but also help in accessing simple things needed to rebuild lives. Helping those that want to be helped, restoration starts with rest.

Click here to find out more about Embassy's work.