Come and raise a glass to... February's strangest celebrations

We're finally out of January and spring is around the corner. It's time to get out there and start enjoying life again! Or at least a drink or two if you made it through dry January.

It can be difficult to shake off that post-Christmas slump. Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction - maybe a reason to celebrate?

At Store Street Exchange we love paying tribute to the weird and wonderful (just take a look at our cocktail menu) so we've put together a list of the downright strangest days you can celebrate this February.

Pick your favourite (unofficial) date, come down and raise a glass.


February 1st - No Politics Day

Sip one of our signature cocktails while avoiding another Brexit debate or talking about Trump.

We'd recommend our Bitters or Twisted for such an occasion.


February 4th - Thank A Postman Day

Do you know a deserving postal worker in need of a pint? Treat a friend or family member or bring your actual postman.

Like sending emails instead? Come along too! We don't mind!


February 12th - Lost Penny Day

Take a moment to gather up all your loose change and put it to good use. Perhaps on a Spanking Roger cocktail?

Our combination of Absolut pepper, tomato juice, tabasco, chimichurri sauce, thyme, bay leaves, rosemary, fresh chilli and bitters - is a fitting tribute to the scandalous life of the cocktail's namesake Roger Aytoun. We'll let you in on his shocking secrets once you get here.


February 16th - Almond Day

On this day, every year, nut lovers gather together and celebrate their passion for almonds. Well, maybe they do, somewhere.

So, come and try our Smokey Manhattan cocktail with Bunnahabhain malt, ginger ale, bitters, cinnamon and that all important almond syrup.


February 18th - Global Drink Wine Day

Join the world in celebrating with a glass or two of red, white or rose.


February 23rd - International Dog (Biscuit) Day

Never mind the biscuits, where would we be without man's best friend? Come and toast your pet, or, if you don't have your own, then toast Teddy Wells, the first celebrity dog to grace the streets of Manchester. Famed for catching and killing 30 rats in just 26.5 seconds, we created a cocktail in his honour.

Our fiery Teddy Wells; The Fightin Pooch is made with ginger, cinnamon and whisky.


February 28th - Floral Design Day

A date dedicated to drawings, paintings and displays of flowers, petals and all things blooming.

We have the perfect cocktail to accompany fantastic flower day. Our Pimm's and Fizz boasts fresh flavours of elderflower, earl grey tea and garden fruits.


So, whether you're celebrating an occasion or just fancy an after work tipple this month, come and try one of our signature cocktails - we're sure one of our unusual creations will take your fancy.